Tracy Michele Davis.

Chief Operating Officer

Profile of Tracy Michele Davis

Tracy brings decades of experience overseeing operations for both large and small companies alike specializing in the healthcare, retail, and banking industries. Tracy managed and directed teams at Genentech, Inc., where she specialized in reimbursement support and patient assistance programs for Genentech’s vast portfolio of products. She also created key partnerships and projects between her division and other areas of the company.

Tracy has extensive experience in developing company protocols, establishing company benefits and packages, hiring and managing people, and facilitating operational roles in businesses.

Eager to implement the lessons learned at Genentech to assist small businesses, Tracy subsequently became Premier Source’s Vice President of Operations and Human Resources. In this capacity, she created more efficient company protocols, developed new job profiles, established the company’s benefits and incentive package, and implemented innovative hiring, recruiting and training materials.

Known for her keen eye to spot talent, Tracy is an expert at hiring, managing, and developing people. In addition to her knowledge on the company side of business, Tracy has extensive experience working with both individual clients and in group settings. In this role, she facilitates both the identification and customization of necessary operational roles within your business. Tracy’s experience with the acquisition of Premier Source provides companies of all sizes practical insight into the operational and Human Resources effects of a future transition.

Tracy graduated from University of California, Los Angeles and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She prides herself in being a native San Franciscan and enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.

Tracy Michele Davis

Chief Operating Officer

350 Townsend Street, Suite 676

San Francisco, CA 94107


T (415) 967-0499


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