Sinead Foley.

Chief Financial Officer

Profile of Sinead Foley

As the founder of Premier Source & Premier Source Diagnostics, both successfully acquired, Sinead has learned to apply best practices of the health care fields across many business disciplines. Well-versed in what makes small companies thrive, Sinead offers Rua a proven method of successfully scaling small businesses to become solid competitors in unique markets.

Sinead’s entrepreneurial spirit and background in leading service based companies have given her keen insights into managing businesses and the importance of client understanding and relationships.

In addition to her healthcare background, Sinead is also a CA licensed contractor, and has run a family-owned construction business for years. This role and hands-on connection to the community provided her a detailed understanding of the unique needs of these small businesses, and the ability to offer practical and tactical solutions to the current challenges they face.

Prior to founding her businesses, Sinead worked at Genentech as the Director of Single Point of Contact and the Chief Operating Office for the Genentech Access to Care Foundation. This experience gave her an inside look at how large companies continue to grow in innovative ways. She helped develop the Single Point of Contact program at Genentech, a best in class patient assistance program. She managed the development and growth of this program starting with 3 team members supporting one product to eventually managing a team of over 150  people supporting all of Genentech’s products. She was also responsible for setting up the first foundation to provide free Genentech products to indigent patients and acted at the first COO for this unique foundation

Sinead is originally from Co. Tipperary, Ireland, currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and 3 young children and enjoys balancing her busy family and business life.

Sinead Foley

Chief Financial Officer

350 Townsend Street, Suite 676

San Francisco, CA 94107


T (415) 967-0499


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