Operations Solutions.

RUA has experience with an array of professionals in the startup, healthcare, service and contracting industries.

We provide customized on-site support and virtual assistance.

Administrative Services

Offering on-site and remote office assistance such as reception,  customer management, and day to day admin tasks.


Managing your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reconciliation, invoicing, accounts payables and receivables processing.

Certified Payroll Reporting

Collecting payroll data and entering it into the appropriate application for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Business Set Up

Providing new business owners assistance setting up their business, transfers from one entity to another, and developing & implementing strategies for the future.

Customer Service & Training

Assisting businesses with hiring, training and implementation of Customer Service teams.

HR, Payroll, and Workers’ Compensation Management

Providing businesses payroll processing, human resources guidance, and workers’ compensation management.

Life Solutions

Helping busy individuals manage personal projects, provide personal administrative assistance, offer travel assistance, and small event planning.

Strategic Business Management

Working with financial data to create reports and analysis to help understand the overhead costs, margins, and changes that could have a positive impact.

Tax Preparation

Working with your accountant to ensure all your business transactions are efficiently organized and ready for tax preparation.

I started working with Rua at the start of the year. I needed to get the tax returns for my business ready under a time crunch and a better system put in place to manage my expenses and my overall cash flow going forward. The Rua team came in to meet me and instantly understood what was needed. They are very focused, easy to work with and do a phenomenal job.
Conor McClorey, McClorey Painting and WallPapering

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