Business Solutions.

RUA has experience managing the critical parts of your business.

We provide valuable insight into important aspects of your business that you may be too busy to dedicate your attention to.

Meetings Development & Facilitation

Providing the complete package, agenda creation, location selection, order catering, facilitation and document minutes.

Human Resources Consulting

Offering businesses with Human Resources consulting services in the areas of recruiting, company policies, employee handbooks, employee recognition and more.

Operations Consulting

Working with key stakeholders to look at their operations and based on their operations needs review, analyze and provide solutions.

Project Management

Using traditional methods and concepts, take an idea and manage the steps to make it a reality ensuring all of the pieces are running smoothly and the goal is achieved.

Process Mapping & Documentation

Assisting business owners with reviewing and documenting their current work flows and providing recommendations to improve efficiency within those work flows and provide process documentation for use within their teams.

GAMAGO initially contracted with Rua for a process workflow for our Operations and Shipping department. Our team members (including GAMAGO’s management and owners) were so impressed with Rua’s work that we immediately expanded the scope of their project to cover a company-wide process and procedural review. We are currently entering the action phase of Rua’s review plan and are already seeing improvements in team performance and morale. Rua’s professionalism, experience, and thoughtful approach have exceeded GAMAGO’s expectations. I would recommend Rua without hesitation. Indeed, GAMAGO plans to continue contracting with Rua indefinitely.
Greg Long, GAMAGO
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